To use our secure MCC On-Line-Direct Payment option please complete the entire form below then click the "Submit Payment" button.

The MCC On-Line-Direct process is exactly the same as paying with a personal check. However, there are very specific requirements. Please read and carefully enter all information correctly.

You may use the Memo box for instructions of how you want your payment applied. (Example: Apply Payment Plus Principal or Apply Payment Plus Escrow). If you are adjusting the Payment amount, it is your responsibility to enter the correct adjusted Payment amount.

We suggest having your personal check readily available to help you find your bank's Routing Number and your Bank Account Number. (See the diagram in the form below).

We accept payments from checking accounts only.
Entering the correct information on this form is your responsibility.

MCC On-Line-Direct Payment Form

Important - Please Read Before Using This Option.

There will be no response from us if there is an error in the information you provide. Incorrect information or insufficient funds in your checking account will cause your payment to be rejected and NOT POSTED to your mortgage account which may result in a "Late Payment penalty".

You must allow enough time (48 hours) for your payment to be fully processed on or before the payment due date.

Payments will be posted to your Loan account within 24 hours of receipt. Your Checking Account will be debited within 48 hours of receipt.

Cutoff time is 1:00 PM Central Time Monday-Friday. Payments submitted after 1:00 PM Central Time will be applied the next business day. No payments will be processed on week-ends or holidays.

By clicking on "Submit Payment" you indicate that you have read and agreed to these requirements.

Once you click "Submit Payment", you can not stop or reverse the payment process.

To locate the Bank Routing Number and Bank Account Number look at your check and the diagram below.